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Fudge Choc Bars

Fudge Choc Bars

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We have upsized our fudge orbs BIG TIME!  Your fave fudges with a tasty gooey layer inbetween a choc shell. You will not find anything like these anywhere! The look.... Fantastic.... The taste.... Even better....

S'MORES | Our S'Mores orb was a top seller and we've brought it back to life with this taste explosion! Our delectable milk fudge, house made marshmallow and choc sauce, slathered in a layer of milk choc.

PEANUT BUTTER | Peanut butter orb lovers rejoice! A layer of our sensational Peanut Butter fudge, a layer of finely chopped peanuts and premium peanut butter swirled throughout. Finished off in a house of milk choc.

CARAMEL MOCHA | Take a slab of our mocha fudge add some house made salted caramel sauce and wrap it in delish white chocolate!

FUDGE BROWNIE | Forget loaded brownies. This is as good as it gets! Our decadent dark choc fudge brownie and our house made choc sauce packed into a 72% dark ghana choc shell.

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