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Kia Ora,
Thanks for taking the time to visit the home of fresh fudge, FiveFudge. Sincerely appreciate it. You're more than welcome to stay a while and have a look around. The menu on the side is your tour guide, revealing more places for you to visit while you're here and give you an idea of what we are about. Or if you just want to buy FiveFudge, right now, then off you go SHOP NOW

At FiveFudge we pride ourselves on using real, top quality ingredients, found in our home certified kitchen. YES, it would be easy to artificially flavour our fudge, but we don’t. YES, we could make a bright yellow banana fudge to catch your eye, but we don’t do fake colours either. What we do have is FREE tastings. We do this for a reason. The taste! Oh, the taste. It is tumeke (awesome) Take a bite of HazelBerry and you will come across actual hazelnuts and premium dried raspberries. Try our Love fudge and you will find real pistachios. Smokey Walnut contains real butter that is smoked with mesquite, giving it a true smoky flavour. The list goes on.... We don't use a fudge mixture out of a packet, all ingredients are individually added to our fudge recipes. Hence why FiveFudge looks different to most other fudges. You might say it's NEXT LEVEL FUDGE

If you have any questions, suggestions, a new fudge flavour you want to share or some "constructive" feedback, send it to us via the email link or messenger, follow FiveFudge on Facebook or Instagram (links below). FiveFudge is based in New Plymouth, Taranaki, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Thanks again for visiting our online shop | Team FiveFudge