Bye Bye from FiveFudge

FiveFudge is now CLOSED for orders. (Forever).

A variety of factors have brought us to this decision, including rising costs and the ever present Covid19 which has affected our ability to travel around the country, to expos, markets, etc. during the last couple of years. This was the fun part of FiveFudge and without it, well alot of the fun is gone and fun was the main driver for this side business. (Yes we both still have full time jobs.)

Our kids are growing up fast and before you know it they'll be flying the whare, so we need to spend more time with whanau. This is honestly a business we would love to do in retirement. Different town each week, travelling up and down Aotearoa. What could be better!

Finally, to all those that have supported us and to the people we have met throughout our almost 3 years in existence, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support. Appreciated.

Nga Mihi

Lisa & Dwayne xoxo

P.S. We are more than happy with this decision, we have thought about this for a while and it will actually be a huge weight off our shoulders.... AND.... So much more FREE time. There are small businesses out there who are really struggling, where their business is their livelihood. This has just been a part time gig for us.

FINE PRINT | Updated 14/11 | Due to demand, there is a delay in delivery times. Please check our social media pages for the latest delivery updates. We will be selling some of the equipment used in the production of FiveFudge, so look out for that sale (bargains) which will be taking place, on our website, after Nov 14th.