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Is FiveFudge Homemade?

We are proud to say that the entire FiveFudge range is freshly home made, using real ingredients, in New Plymouth, Taranaki, Aotearoa, New Zealand. We would do "factory" tours but a) it would be the world's smallest factory and b) the world's shortest factory tour.

We make the ingredients for the FiveFudge recipes, where possible, such as home make the golden syrup, glucose, condensed milk, fudge sauce and coconut butter used in our recipes. Our fudge is not made from a mixture out of a packet. Everything is fresh! FiveFudge recipes containing dark or milk chocolate use high quality, fair trade chocolate. And of course we believe our fudge is the best tasting around. So much so that we insist you try before you buy when we are out and about at events, markets & expos.

When you take your FiveFudge home, it loves to be stored in a cool dark place and will generally last four weeks, if you can resist it that long. It is best eaten fresh. FiveFudge won't last for months because it doesn't contain preservatives. Refrigeration is a general no no because it affects the magnificent FiveFudge flavour (Try say that 10 times quick). But.... we can look the other way if you're saving a piece for friends, whanau or nana, you can store it in the fridge to get an extra week out of it. Or order more online, right now here