RUSSIAMEL | This is the fudge that started it all for us at FiveFudge. Our version of "Russian" fudge is a delectable caramel fudge that is anything but plain. A melt in your mouth delight that is the star on the FiveFudge stage.

SALTY C | A caramel fudge sensation, with a touch of salt for that sweet and salty balance. It’s creamy, smooth and irresistible. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

DARK COCO | Our delicious Dark CoCo dairy free vegan fudge is made with FiveFudge coconut butter, FiveFudge coconut condensed milk and the finest 72% dark ghana dairy free choc.

DARK | Sometimes it's those familiar flavours are all that's needed to make your day. This 72% dark ghana choc FiveFudge will have fudge lovers dancing in the isles.

HAZELBERRY | Our hazelberry selection has auto entry into fudge heaven. A 72% dark ghana choc fudge filled with premium freeze-dried raspberries & a dollop of hazelnuts. This fudge is a taste sensation.

HOKEY P | Hokey pokey is a kiwi classic and FiveFudge has jumped on the bandwagon with this delight. Our magnificent milk choc fudge with tasty morsels of pokey pokey mixed throughout. Yum factor = Through the roof.

LOVE FUDGE | Spread the love with our Love Fudge. It not only has the looks, but the taste is sophisticated and memorable. Creamy caramel fudge mixed with pistachio nuts and a hint of rosewater covered in a layer of pistachios and edible rose petals. This little gem is truly made with love!

MALLOW | Dollops of marshmallow & chunks of gluten free biscuits all wrapped in our delectable milk fudge.

MILK | Nothing beats the classic taste of creamy milk fudge. It'll make your day and your taste buds.

MINT | Indulge in our dark chocolate mint fudge, made with 72% dark ghana choc. A refreshing mint flavour that's the ultimate after dinner delight for fudge lovers.

MOCHA | Rumour has it that one of the FiveFudge team spilt coffee on some fudge and.... well.... the rest is history. Take a couple shots of freshly ground coffee and mix it with our best dark fudge = Mocha, a slice of coffee heaven!

PEANUT BUTTER | It's time to go nutty for the peanut butty! This has all the right ingredients, premium peanut butter wrapped in a chewy caramel fudge & roasted peanuts giving you a nutty boost right when you need it.

Dairy / Gluten Free FiveFudge

Dairy / Gluten free FiveFudge products contain no added dairy or gluten (unless stated) but are made on the same production line as dairy & gluten products. All equipment is cleaned & sterilized thoroughly between dairy and/or gluten and dairy free and /or gluten free product runs. Other allergens that maybe present include eggs & nuts.

Gluten Free FiveFudge

Our entire range of Fudge is now made with gluten free ingredients.