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Where can I find FiveFudge?

We are everywhere! Well that's the vision for the future.... For now, you can find us.... Right here. Online. Check out our range of FiveFudge > Order it > We will make it > Then deliver it > Easy! Sometimes we venture out into the wild. A full list of events are here And of course we hang out on socials. Search FiveFudge on Facebook & Instagram. If you really want to help us out tell everyone your favourite website is FiveFudge.Nz

Can I buy FiveFudge selections online?

Yes you can! We are ready to fulfill your online fudge dreams. Birthday party fudge, fudge gift bags, fudge for you, fudge for me, fudge wedding favours, fudge treat boxes, fudge mega slabs, corporate fudge packs, fudge dances, fudge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... We do it all! We make our fudge fresh so give us a teeny bit of notice so we can alert the FiveFudge bears and send them into fudge making mode.

The FiveFudge online shop is always OPEN Click here or here if you don't believe me!

What does "The home of fresh fudge" mean?

What does "fresh" mean? To us "fresh" means adding fresh ingredients into our mixing bowl to bring each fudge flavour to life. We don't have pre mixed packets of artificial ingredients sitting on the shelf, waiting to be "freshly" made.

How is FiveFudge different from other fudges?

It just is ok! But seriously.... FiveFudge is made fresh to order in our kitchen. Alot of our ingredients are homemade, including fudge brownie, caramel fudge sauce, condensed milk, coconut condensed milk, coconut butter, golden syrup & glucose.

We don't just pour a fudge mixture out of a packet into a machine. All our ingredients are added individually. There are NO artificial flavours and there is NO artificial colouring in FiveFudge products. If we can't put actual watermelon in a fudge, then we won't make a watermelon fudge.

In the FiveFudge test kitchen we are practicing our best yoga moves in order to bend over backwards to bring nothing but natural fudge flavours fresh to you. You are personally invited to watch us slice and package FiveFudge in environmentally friendly compostable packaging, at events, markets & expos, right before we send it home with you.

At FiveFudge we have fudges that are dairy free, gluten free, our entire fudge range has no preservatives or artificial flavours and they all have different personalities. Perfect for any occasion. We have a dairy free fudge, vegan and we bring out occasional FiveFudge varieties for Easter, Christmas, Mother's day etc Join us on social media for new flavour announcements.

Is FiveFudge delicious?

Yes! Yes! Yes! What was the question again? We think FiveFudge is the best fudge you can buy, which is why we are sharing it with you. Infact we are so proud of the fresh fudge we make, we actually let you try FiveFudge before you buy FiveFudge (lots of it) when you come see us at events, markets or expos.

Do you have any free stuff?

FiveFudge has plenty of free FiveFudge. Come see us when we are out and about and taste FiveFudge before you buy FiveFudge! (Warning: FiveFudge is delicious.) And.... Spend at least $40 while visiting FiveFudge.Nz and we'll pick up the bill for the delivery fee / postage / courier. Enter the code 40Free at checkout.

Can you say "Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees" really fast 10 times?

Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees, Fantastic FiveFudge fans are Fudgees

Fantastic FiveFudge Fav.... oh fudsicles! You try it.... It's really hard!

How long does FiveFudge last?

If a piece of FiveFudge was to run a marathon it could last the distance, provided someone was carrying it. Sometimes it doesn't even survive the trip to the car before it is gone. In terms of the lifecycle of a slab of FiveFudge, it depends what you like. FiveFudge is made fresh to order. I dare you to resist eating it straight away.... Yum! But, If you have to wait to eat your FiveFudge, it is good for up to a month. Remember we don't add artificial preservatives so it won't last for months.... and months...

If I were a piece of FiveFudge and I wanted to remain in top shape I would hang out in a cool dark place, with an airtight container my ultimate home. If need be, I can last a little longer in the fridge, but refrigeration does affect quality and taste. At FiveFudge we don't add artificial flavours, we do make alot of our own ingredients and do believe we make a fudge eating experience like no other.